Must Hear TV?

You remember Must See TV, right? The hay day of NBC’s classic Thursday night line up.

Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld.

In the 90’s things were a little bit different. Music was played on instruments. We tried to be kind so we would rewind. I had hair! Damn…I miss the 90’s.

Well more than just fashion and forehead lengths has changed…the way we consume our entertainment is completely different.

Instead of sitting down and watching our stories at the exact same time as they air…we’re DVRing them. Or streaming them on our time.

And of course, No ONE THING has our attention for one particular time. So, in order to compete for our attention…NBC Universal is trying out a new commercial format called Must Hear TV. The idea is to make the show and the commercials as seamless as possible.

For instance, an article on mentions The Kardashians. Let’s say they are on a tropical island the screen would go black…the commercial would start…screen still black and you hear birds and ocean waves and a commercial for Carnival Cruise would begin.

They say competition is good…because it makes everyone better. I’m excited to see the innovations that are coming…for TV and radio.

Are Video Production Agencies the New Creative Powerhouses?

Advertising has gone through a ton of changes. With the increased use of the internet, the rise of social media…plus, thanks to the financial crisis in 2008, businesses have had to make budget cuts to save on advertising fees.

Guess what? Facebook…Instagram…Twitter…all free!

Evelyn Timson from Aspect Film & Video in the UK talks about this in an article at  She goes on to say the need for online videos is still on the rise. An average 1 billion hours goes to watching YouTube videos…and that’s not just my 7-year-old watching slime videos.

Online audiences demand frequent video content from brands that they love. So, brands should get super creative by staying in-house or partnering with video production companies to increase the quality and quantity of video that’s needed these days.

While this certainly isn’t the end for advertising agencies…it may mean evolution.  Will ad agencies establish in-house production departments? Or will outsourcing video projects to professional video content creators become a mainstay?

Everyone is looking for that edge when it comes to content.

Bristol Studios in Boston MA


This sounds like the beginning of a joke…but it’s not.  So, stay with me.

A monk slowly walks along a road when he hears the sound of a galloping horse.

He turns around to see a man riding a horse coming his direction.

When the man gets closer, the monk asks, “Where are you going?”.

Without even slowing down, the man replies, “I don’t know, ask the horse” Read more

Quick Voice Over Audition {video}

Auditions are a big part of Voice Over land….if you’re lucky.

As with any other VO, I audition for more jobs than I land.  You have to get in the mindset of “The Audition IS The Job”.  Look at it as if it’s all encompassing…even though the invoice only mentions one client.

Here’s a quick video of me doing a commercial voice over.

Artist’s Rendition

My 7 year old daughter, Zoey, and I were talking vacation plans.  Well, not really “plans” so much as tossing out ideas on places to visit if we were given the chance.

We settled on California as our destination because some great friends of ours moved there recently.  Friends…and the fact that the weather is far superior than a Midwest February.  So our reasons to go are adding up.

I told her we needed to save up some money before we could go, because plane tickets for a family of 4 from Illinois to Cali is a little different than a day trip to the Wisconsin Dells.

So, she drew me a picture of my studio and wrote “1,000 for California” at the bottom.

(actually, she wrote “$100,0 for californa” but I believe she did it in a rush, so it’s understandable)

At first I thought she was billing me…but turns out she was willing me some more voice over work.  Seems to be working, so I’ve commissioned her too draw up some more scenarios with dollar amounts attached to it.

Here’s a side by side.


credit: BSVO

credit: BSVO

Anger Voice Actor Lewis Black

Voice Acting, Inside (and) Out

Anger Voice Actor Lewis Black


When you think about voice acting and voice actors you mostly think about cartoons. Mel Blank and Bugs Bunny, Nancy Cartwright and Bart Simpson or Seth McFarlane and Family Guy. If you’ve ever watched an animated movie in the past 10 years, you’ve no doubt said to yourself or the person next to you…

“Who’s voice is that?”

Read more

Get a win with your last minute projects

Bringing Home the Win (the last minute project)


We did a shot for every goal.  Except for a friend of ours who unbeknownst to us, was shooting water due to a pregnancy she had yet to announce.  I’m not a huge sports fan, admittedly, but we’d watch Chicago Bears games when I was younger,  Certainly not every single week and never with a whole lot of fanaticism. We owned shirts and hats with Bears logos, but I’ve never seen my dad jump out of a chair to cheer…at anything. So when I get a chance to be around “fanatics”, I drink it in! Read more