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Voice Over Vacation

Voice Over Vacation

I remember seeing Mike Rowe on an episode of dirty jobs recording a voiceover in a hotel. He was slumped over in a big comfy chair with a comforter thrown over the top of his head. He had a microphone in one hand a flashlight the other and the script balancing on his lap.

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Anger Voice Actor Lewis Black

Voice Acting, Inside (and) Out

Anger Voice Actor Lewis Black

credit: youtube.com

When you think about voice acting and voice actors you mostly think about cartoons. Mel Blank and Bugs Bunny, Nancy Cartwright and Bart Simpson or Seth McFarlane and Family Guy. If you’ve ever watched an animated movie in the past 10 years, you’ve no doubt said to yourself or the person next to you…

“Who’s voice is that?”

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Get a win with your last minute projects

Bringing Home the Win (the last minute project)


credit: www.youtube.com

We did a shot for every goal.  Except for a friend of ours who unbeknownst to us, was shooting water due to a pregnancy she had yet to announce.  I’m not a huge sports fan, admittedly, but we’d watch Chicago Bears games when I was younger,  Certainly not every single week and never with a whole lot of fanaticism. We owned shirts and hats with Bears logos, but I’ve never seen my dad jump out of a chair to cheer…at anything. So when I get a chance to be around “fanatics”, I drink it in! Read more