Voice Over Vacation Set Up Options

Voice Over Vacation

Voice Over Vacation

I remember seeing Mike Rowe on an episode of dirty jobs recording a voiceover in a hotel. He was slumped over in a big comfy chair with a comforter thrown over the top of his head. He had a microphone in one hand a flashlight the other and the script balancing on his lap.

He was drenched in sweat.

This memory comes to mind because I took my family on a vacation to Florida last week. We went to Pensacola and had an absolute blast on the beach. However, from time to time daddy has to make some money. So, with Mike Rowe’s blanket fort in mind, I looked up some ideas on how to get a good portable voice over system.


Portable Voice Over Vacations Set Ups

The first I found was Harland Hogan’s Porta Booth. Not only does he give you great ideas on how to build your own, but he’s manufactured a travel friendly vocal booth.  It folds up all nice and neat and provides a great sound for your mic. Turns out, you actually don’t need a giant acoustically treated room…you just need your mic to be inside a properly treated space.

From the product website:

“Your microphone ‘hears’ an acoustically treated space when placed inside the booth. That means YOU don’t need to be inside a human-sized sound-booth to record great audio – audio without the tell-tale ‘roomy-boomy’ sound of an untreated room.”

George Whittam has a great option for the traveling voice over.  He gives you great info on what equipment to look into and even offers a two part set up before the vacation and during to make sure everything sounds the way it should.

My Portable Vacation Vocal Set Up

So what did I use?  I used my Macbook, Mic Port Pro & I boxed up my Neumann and brought my Apogee USB mic as a backup.  I put a hotel chair on top of the table and used pillows & blankets to baffle it.  I wish I took a picture of the set up because it was quite impressive.  It resembled the Porta Booth, if it was made out of cumulonimbus clouds!

While I do love the idea of the “lifestyle”…traveling town to town while doing business on your laptop sitting on the beach…my climate controlled Whisperroom will do just fine, thank you.  Fun to get out from time to time, but I’ll stick to the tried and true.

Dan Lenard is a home studio master.  He demonstrates how the Porta Booth works in this video…