That One Time I Made Myself Into A Paper Doll

Voice Over Paper Craft

Voice Over Paper Craft

Marketing is something I’ve struggled with as a business owner.  I think we’ve all wondered what we could do differently to increase sales and stay “top of mind” when it comes to our clients.

Not all of us are as dorky as I.

Cold calling?  I’m no stranger to calling strangers.

Postcards?  Sure.  I’ve sent out my fair share of postcards.

Emails?  Yes.  It’s possible you’ve gotten an email from me.

Paper doll cut out of me, some equipment & different hair styles? Perhaps.  Actually,  that is a distinct possibility.

You may think I’d be embarrassed about this fact, and you may be right…but the fact remains, I am trying! You got that right!  I am trying my damnedest to get in front of past and potential clients with the hopes that they find me talented/charming enough to work with.

Please feel free to download your very own Bill Stage Voice Over Paper Craft and post a picture of the results in the comments below.