Searching Craigslist Via Google For Voice Over Equipment

Searching for Recording Equipment

Searching for Recording Equipment

I got my WhisperRoom at a considerable discount. New, it would’ve cost me $6500, but I got mine for $1000 (plus a nice little road trip to Nashville!) My processor would’ve been about $1000 if I were to get it new. I got mine for half that. My Neumann TLM 103? Also at a great discount and today I’ll show you how you can save some money on your voice over equipment, or what ever else you’d like to search for.

When you search Craigslist, you usually have to search region by region or town by town. This can be annoying when you’re looking for something that may not be for sale near you.  However, it’s not like eBay, where world wide selling and shipping is Implied.  If you buy on Craigslist, the seller expects you to pick it up.

Good thing Google has different ways for you to search, other than the normal “insert word, click search” method. Search operators can not only help you narrow your search more effectively, they can also help you dig deeper into a website.  If you just Google “WhisperRoom”, a ton of sites are going to pop up, but mostly from the brand themselves.

So to search all of craigslist you just need to apply an operator. Type the following into your google browser.


This will show only results from and nothing else. It will also show you the town it’s being sold in, so you can scroll through and decide for yourself whether or not it’s going to be worthwhile. Now that you’ve gone through the results the first time, you don’t want to be wasting time looking through posts you’ve seen already. This is when you click on “search tools” & tweak your search even more.

Click on “any Time” and switch it to whatever you want depending on how often you’ll be searching. Might as well say “past week” just in case you miss a few days or skip a weekend.

Then click on “sorted by relevance” and change it to “sort by date” this way the newest post is right at the top and you can stop scrolling once you see posts you recognize from previous searches.

Now, this took several months of looking every day, sometime more than once a day to find my equipment. So go ahead and bookmark your search and save it as your home page so you can search every time you open your browser.

I was lucky. I found my whisper room in Nashville Tennessee. That’s about nine hours away from me but I have a friend that lives real close to Nashville and I convinced him to pick it up for me. I also knew he would be more familiar with the area so if it was a super sketchy part of town we could always just call it off.  This also gave me and another friend of mine a chance to go on a bit of a road trip and visit our friend we hadn’t seen for a couple of years.

Watch the video for a complete demonstration…