QCVO, Animal Crossing, & Barrel-Aged Beers

Get yourself an accountability partner or team. People with the same goals and struggles and routines. #QCVO had our monthly zoom meeting and there’s always a nugget to take away or a spark of inspiration to stoke.

Burn baby burn!!

Before the big snow today, I saw this trail. Not sure what it is that drags it’s dirty ass from barn to barn…but it probably needs a name.

Any ideas?

On this weeks #WhatsTappening segment Glenn Cole and I talked about #BarrelAged beers where they age beer in a barrel that used to house booze (whiskey most likely).

Many Quad Cities breweries have their version. Some even feature local barrels from Mississippi River Distillery.

StageHands: Practicing scripts using a different point of view is a great way to connect to the story. If you’re not connected then the audience has no chance.

We got a couple good snow storms this past week which made it less fun to drive but more fun to look at. As you’ll see in my YouTube content below…it inspired me to coin the phrase “Aggressively Pretty.”

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