Bringing Home the Win (the last minute project)


We did a shot for every goal.  Except for a friend of ours who unbeknownst to us, was shooting water due to a pregnancy she had yet to announce.  I’m not a huge sports fan, admittedly, but we’d watch Chicago Bears games when I was younger,  Certainly not every single week and never with a whole lot of fanaticism. We owned shirts and hats with Bears logos, but I’ve never seen my dad jump out of a chair to cheer…at anything. So when I get a chance to be around “fanatics”, I drink it in! I love that it feels like you’re actually part of the game. Plus, I get to learn more about the rules and thought process behind certain plays. So, while I’m not a “huge sports fan”…I’m learning to be a bigger one.

I’m sure I’m a blast to watch sports with. I probably sound like my 3 year old son, “Why? Why? Why?”

A few (aforementioned) friends of mine are huge Chicago Blackhawk fans. My wife and I got a chance to watch a couple playoff games with them. We took part in their pregame rituals of pizza and beer and accepted the traditional shot for each Hawks score.  Sports are best watched amongst friends.

That being said it was just The Stage’s (my family & I)  as we watched the final 2015 Stanley Cup game without the pomp and circumstance of “true fans” surrounding us. I told my wife, “I can really understand why people watch hockey”. To which I followed with, “post season hockey anyway”.

I thought about that. What’s the difference between a regular season game and a playoff game? On paper it’s all the same. Same ice, same plays, same personnel. Same everything except…the finality. They’ve got to give it their all right now, because there might not be a second chance!  It’s now or never!

Humans somehow like the drama of the last ditch effort. It’s coming down to the wire so you’ve got to push through hard to get that last minute project done!

In our world of audio & video production and voice over, we might not get to hold an over-sized cup over our heads at the end of the day but we still get that same rush when we get that last minute call from the client who after several revisions or copy changes…needs it done!!

The Last Minute Project!

We scramble! We push other projects back (only to scramble some more a day from now). We get that adrenaline rush like we were back in school cramming for a final or writing that paper. Sure, it’s nice to have all the time in the world to pour over and critique every last detail to perfection…but we don’t always have that benefit. So we do the best we can with what we’ve got and with some skill and a little luck we pull it off.

That’s the important part.  We pull it off.  With as many cooks that are in the proverbial kitchen, we sometimes just have to do our part and then get out of the way so these people can eat!