An Interview With Green Iguana Studios (video production)

Green Iguana Productions

When I first started my business back in 2005 as Bill States Voice Over,  I did what a lot of voice overs do and test the waters in freelancing websites. May 11, 2005 I got my first job as a legitimate business through It was an “English as a Second Language” toy that was being sold in Hong Kong.

They said they were going to send me a prototype but it never happened. Such is life.

I also tried my hand at a couple different freelancing websites.  One in particular was working out great for me. So much so, that if I happened to be going out of town for the weekend I could easily jump on the site… bid a couple jobs and have plenty of spending money for the weekend. Getting voice over Jobs was just that easy…But, that didn’t last long.

Soon more and more voiceovers were finding this site and piling on and underbidding me. Before all of that happened, luckily, I ran into Steve Carafello. He was building his video production business and looking for a voiceover for one of his animated web explainer videos.

Video Production/Repeat Customer

That’s how I got my first repeat customer. Green Iguana Productions. I love working with Steve. He’s got a certain kind of passion that really is contagious. It might not exactly be a script that exudes emotion but he’s got a twist on it that I’m able to latch onto and it’s super helpful to have that kind of direction.

Steve and I each had our first national television commercial together. It was a business called The insurance cow was a James Bond style character who would be kicking certain spokesmen/geckos to the curb and finding you the best price for online insurance.

When it aired we got a list of air times from the cable provider. I remember setting my DVR for several different airings. We finally saw it and we exploded with cheers. If I remember correctly Steve had the same reaction posted it on YouTube.

That was exciting. Still is by the way, to hear your voice on a national commercial. It’s huge. So I decided to sit down and talk with Steve about his business learn a little bit more about him as a person and how he chose this career path as a video producer. Below is the audio recording I produced to go along with the interview. We had some technical difficulties but Steve was a great sport.

An Interview With Green Iguana Productions

Basically Green Iguana Productions is a Soup To Nuts video production house that covers a lot of different styles and genres. Everything from a video to open up your conference to get the crowd excited or laughing… to your homepage Web explainer video or your email marketing video. They do TV spots National or Regional and they’re damn good.

Thanks to Steve Carafello for taking the time for this interview.  You’ve really got to check out his impressive body of work at Green Iguana Productions.




The Insurance Cow