Grow Your Business With Daily Social Media Posts

$99.92 for 1 month!
$49.92 for 1 month!
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Monthly Design Bundle
with Daily Content

Daily Content and Designs!

You’re already busy Designing. Cutting. Weeding. Pressing.

There’s no need to add “social media content curating” to your list.

For less than $50 I’ll give you a monthly bundle with a design for each day & write your daily posts (JPG) for you to schedule on your social media days, weeks…even a month in advance!

You’ll get a monthly bundle of designs for each day featuring PNG, SVG, and PDF files.  Every design comes with a sharable jpg image and a status update that entertains or educates the people who like your page.

People will start looking forward to your daily posts and when they inquire about getting that design on a tshirt, sign, cup or whatever your specialty is…you’ll be able to download that design to import into your software and make money.