Center Stage: A LOT to be Thankful For

Even with everything going on…I’ve got a lot to be thankful for so I’ll be spending time with family, albeit a smaller crowd than normal…and potentially via Zoom.  Which…I’m very thankful for.

Topline Film used this piece to promote their blog while throwing in some snarky personality (which I can totally get behind). 

Shoot You went HARD into the storytelling with this video for Hewlett Packard.

Backflip showed some really cool “making of” a set for a live shot they put together.

Please be safe & if you’ve got anything you need, go ahead and send it and I’ll knock it out before I leave for Thanksgiving break or 1st thing when I get back.

I hope you’re doing amazing!  I’ll talk with you soon.

Have a Happy, Safe Thanksgiving!