Center Stage: Election Day Distraction

I hope you’re safe, well, and doing everything possible to keep a positive mental attitude.  It’ll be easier once the scary part of the year is over. (I’m talking election season…not Halloween)

To distract us from the world at hand I would like to focus on the good.  I’ve selected some of my favorite content done by folks I follow.  Check these out and it may inspire you to do something similar for your business.  It sure has inspired me!

  • Locksley Productions:  This post production review walks us through the thought process behind the shot list.  Passion breeds passion.
  • Video Chef: This animated quote card reminds us how powerful video can be without having to be over the top.  Simple yet effective.
  • DropDrop:  They described their business mindset and created an awesome illustration. That’s painting a picture with words!
  • Paperboy Media Group: In this “player selection” commercial they showcase their crew & sanitary mission in this gaming parody.
Here are a few ways I’ve been using content marketing for my voiceover business.  If you don’t already…feel free to follow me @BillStageVO on most platforms.

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