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This sounds like the beginning of a joke…but it’s not.  So, stay with me.

A monk slowly walks along a road when he hears the sound of a galloping horse.

He turns around to see a man riding a horse coming his direction.

When the man gets closer, the monk asks, “Where are you going?”.

Without even slowing down, the man replies, “I don’t know, ask the horse” Read more

Elin Barton, White Knight Productions


Elin Barton, White Knight Productions

Today we talk with Elin Barton, the owner of White Knight Productions out of Vestal, New York.  When the business was first conceived, they created high-end video productions for television commercials.  Now, the business has shifted a bit so Elin got creative and invented what she call’s Video Crisps.

She works with production houses around the country to give her clients (according to her website) Fresh, bite-sized and consumable video content that is designed to keep your social media, websites, blogs, and newsletters up-to-date and top of mind.”

Not everybody wants or can afford the top quality video.  It might even be more beneficial to focus on great creative content and be a valuable resource for the target demo.  The great thing is…Elin talks with the client and they figure out a plan that is going to fit them.  It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.  Elin loves working with people to get the best fit for their video goals.

White Knight is actively looking for



Voice overs

to be partners in this Video Crisp effort!

Elin also hosts a podcast called “Ready Set Grit“.   She talks with influencers and professionals to help people live “an intentional and successful life with inspiration, tips and a little help from the power of the Universe too.”

Find Elin and White Knight Productions at

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Pivoting with Skylark Recording

In this episode we talk with Justin Farley, owner of Skylark Recording in Davenport, Ia.  Skylark Recording is a boutique recording studio in Davenport catering towards musicians of all genres.  I sat down with owner, Justin Farley to talk about how he got started & where his business continues to grow.

Farley is a super talented performer and producer. His ability to pivot from marketing toward rock bands to rappers was super smart.

voice over studio

Bill Stage Interviews VO gal, Amy Jeffries

Ever since college, I’ve known the name “Amy Jefferies”.  She was in a broadcasting program I was in at AIC…a small college that’s since changed names…but Amy graduated a year earlier.  And we all held her in high regard because she got a job on the radio. She was doing exactly what we wanted to do.  She was a legend!

Amy Jeffries has been an incredible wealth of knowledge ever since I started…really, since before I actually started doing VO.