Center Stage: February 2021

We got a couple good snow storms this past week which made it less fun to drive but more fun to look at.  As you’ll see in my YouTube content below…it inspired me to coin the phrase “Aggressively Pretty.”

  • TWIST Creative:  TWIST has done something brilliant.  They’ve taken what would normally be a prospect outreach and productized it into a PDF/Webinar so you automatically see how amazing they are to work with  Super smart.
  • Bradley Flowers:  This is a great example of how to come up with content ideas for your business.
  • Hollow Media Group:  Quote cards are a great/easy way to brand your social media.  Establishes your as a “though leader”…if you’re into that sort of thing.
Here are a few ways I’ve been using content marketing for my voiceover business.  If you don’t already…feel free to follow me @BillStageVO on most platforms.
  • What Dirty Animal is This?I saw this strange trail leading to and from a couple barns here at the Stage Homestead.  It’s a filthy creature no matter what it is.  Most folks think it’s a raccoon. 
  • Stage HandsVoicing scripts using a different point of view is a great way to connect to the story. If you’re not connected then the audience has no chance.
  • Pink Boots Society This is a great collaboration beer where the funds from this hop blend go to fund education initiatives for women in brewing.
  • Aggressively Pretty Winter came in hard last week.  It dumped a few inches of snow on us but made the trees look amazing.  I took to the IG stories to show you all about it.
Here are some news articles from the World Wide Web that I found interesting:

4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021: Hard to believe…but Video Content made the list.

Youth YouTube Class: I won’t link to the actual article because the site seemed a bit dicey, but if you’re good with kids and have a want to share your video knowledge with the next generation this could be a great marketing tool.

The Evolution  of Content Marketing: This study says that implementing a content strategy could  increase conversions by 500%.

Center Stage: January 2021

I bought a flamethrower.  We live in the country and have a bit of a hike to get to our garage. So in order to safely do so…I used the power of fire to forge a path through the 3 inches of ice we have in front of our house. I figure it also good to burn down the pasture in the spring and thwart any would be home invaders.  Rage Against the Machine once said, “And I protect it with fire”.

I follow a ton of video production houses on the socials so in an effort to bring you value I’ll share some of my favorites. These may inspire you to do something similar for your business.  It sure has inspired me!

  • Cassian Films:  Cassian Films put together this great little before/after video with a link to get their free Power Grade template to use on your own.
  • FRNDS Agency: Corey Mercer shared a post that cut to the gut of how 2020 affected small businesses.  But spun it into a beautiful post with a positive angle.  And it features a pretty great reel to boot.
  • Chavez Creative:  Chris Chavez does a great job branding himself.  Which is a great way to show your clients you’re able to brand them well too.  Social has become a living/breathing resume. 

Here are a few ways I’ve been using content marketing for my voiceover business.  If you don’t already…feel free to follow me @BillStageVO on most platforms.


  • How my 2020 Started I’m not sure why I didn’t see this as a sign

  • Snow on the Grill: An off the cuff comment about “snow on the grill” sounding like a country song turned into a real actual country song thanks to my buddy Evan Atherton.  Take a listen & try not to shed a tear.

  • Real Estate Video: I made a video for my sister who was trying to sell her house.  She’s hopefully going to be closing on it soon.  Real estate vids are a VO genre I’d love to get more into.