Canning Beers & Laying Eggs

I decided my webcam sucks.  Rather…I decided to act on the fact that my webcam sucks.  So, I dug out our DSLR Canon T3 and am now using it as my webcam.

Is it overkill for someone who does audio for a living?  Yes.  Yes it is.  But does it make me happy to waste time nerding out and finding out ways to set it up and figure out the ISO settings and autofocus and manual focus and white balance?  Yes.  Yes it does.  Even though I’m still struggling to understand most of all the…I’m closer than I was a week ago.

My only issue now is getting the audio to sync up with the video.  I can fix it in post…but that’s super annoying.  But since Canon didn’t mean for their product to be used this way…it’s a price I have to pay.

Glenn Cole from Midwest Ale Works was on to talk about the 3 new beers he’s currently canning at MAW: Sweet Pea is a Strawberry Rhubarb IPA and will be available Tuesday for one keg only at MAW then sold exclusively at Central Store in Moline. Wednesday, the Midwest Legend will be released and $1 of every can goes to Farm & Small Business Relief due to the derecho.  Then Thursday Old Maud will be released as MAW’s flagship Kolsh style beer.

We picked a Craft Beer of the Week and I threw together a little commercial for it.  The Sweet Pea IPA from MAW was the first.  Just another excuse for me to do a voiceover, really.

Good news on The Stage Homestead & Ranch.  Our chickens are laying eggs!  We never thought we’d enjoy having chickens as much as we do.  Now, if I could just convince my daughter to eat the eggs.  She’s having a hard time as she’s seen the process with her own eyes.

In the meantime…more eggs for me!

To wrap up this weeks “All The Rage” is a behind the scenes shot of me recording the 97X News Now feature where I talk about rock news from Ultimate Classic Rock.

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