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Artist’s Rendition

My 7 year old daughter, Zoey, and I were talking vacation plans.  Well, not really “plans” so much as tossing out ideas on places to visit if we were given the chance. We settled on California as our destination because some great friends of ours moved there recently.  Friends…and the fact that the weather is […]

Old School Equipment

Do you have any old school equipment in your studio or at home? A reel to reel, cassette player, record player?  Or have you evicted all your analog? Those poor tapes…. It’s super rare…only has happened twice in the last 10 years, that someone has come to me with a reel. Their facial expression clearly […]

Coca Cola Rebranding

I am very proud to have been chosen to be a voice over for Coca Cola’s new “One Brand” unification strategy in Mexico City. In the 80’s, starting with Diet Coke, they opted to market each individual flavor as it’s own brand with it’s own logo. But now, they will all share a similar look and be […]

DIY Studiohacks

When I first started doing voice overs, I would study every blog, every YouTube video and listen to every so & so who had something to say.  The general consensus was that closets were the best studio to start out in due to the small area in which to treat…and the treatment (clothes) were already in […]

E-Learning Demo

  Much of my work comes in the form of e-learning.  I can tell you all about common core.  I can teach you how to run the new Papa John’s point of sale system. I can walk you through your utility company’s new website. As long as I have the script in front of me, anyway. I […]

That One Time I Made Myself Into A Paper Doll

Marketing is something I’ve struggled with as a business owner.  I think we’ve all wondered what we could do differently to increase sales and stay “top of mind” when it comes to our clients. Not all of us are as dorky as I. Cold calling?  I’m no stranger to calling strangers. Postcards?  Sure.  I’ve sent […]

Voice Over Vacation Set Up Options

I remember seeing Mike Rowe on an episode of dirty jobs recording a voiceover in a hotel. He was slumped over in a big comfy chair with a comforter thrown over the top of his head. He had a microphone in one hand a flashlight the other and the script balancing on his lap. He […]

Voice Acting, Inside (and) Out

When you think about voice acting and voice actors you mostly think about cartoons. Mel Blank and Bugs Bunny, Nancy Cartwright and Bart Simpson or Seth McFarlane and Family Guy. If you’ve ever watched an animated movie in the past 10 years, you’ve no doubt said to yourself or the person next to you… “Who’s […]

An Interview With Green Iguana Studios (video production)

When I first started my business back in 2005 as Bill States Voice Over,  I did what a lot of voice overs do and test the waters in freelancing websites. May 11, 2005 I got my first job as a legitimate business through Voices.com. It was an “English as a Second Language” toy that was being sold in Hong […]