BackStage with my Aphex 230

This is the Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel Tube Mic Pre.

It’s got a logic assisted gate, split band de-esser and (my favorite) an aural exciter!!

This preamp is notorious for being in radio broadcasting studios and on the engineers desks due to a power supply issue.

But the EQ and Big Bottom make up for it! It sounds so damn good!

It is a Reflected-plate amplifier tube mic preamp…Which means the circuit effectively operates the tube’s plate at a constant low dc potential, and extracts the plate current through a current mirror which thereby produces an output current as a reflection of the plate current.

Confused? Just wait till I explain the “low jitter word clock output” feature.

Bill Stage VO; Welcome to the Party, My Friends!
Radio Imaging and Commercial Voiceover Artist

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Welcome to the party, my friend! Relax, kick back, grab a beer…

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m still close friends with the guys I hung out with in grade school. I’ve stayed tight with them throughout the years for some of the same reasons my clients connect with me. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable, easygoing drinking buddy with a voice to match, I’m your guy!

I’ve chilled with Coca-Cola and Corona, worked hard with John Deere and Wrangler, and gone deep with Nissan and SAP.

Think of my voice like the end of a good party. We’re on the edge of a cornfield, the majority of the group is asleep and the brake lights have disappeared down the dirt road. Casual, familiar, down to earth. This is the time of night when the line is blurred between friends and family, and the conversation gets deep. It gets sweet. It gets…real.

Welcome to the party, my friend!