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Must Hear TV?

You remember Must See TV, right? The hay day of NBC’s classic Thursday night line up. Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld. In the 90’s things were a little bit different. Music was played on instruments. We tried to be kind so we would rewind. I had hair! Damn…I miss the 90’s. Well more than just fashion and […]

Are Video Production Agencies the New Creative Powerhouses?

Advertising has gone through a ton of changes. With the increased use of the internet, the rise of social media…plus, thanks to the financial crisis in 2008, businesses have had to make budget cuts to save on advertising fees. Guess what? Facebook…Instagram…Twitter…all free! Evelyn Timson from Aspect Film & Video in the UK talks about this in […]

Rock Radio Imaging Demo

Rock Radio Baby!  In my tenure in radio land, I worked with quite a few VO’s.  I love working with imaging guys.  My favorites have a killer voice but their delivery was where it was at. The read is everything. I like being able to tell the story and to do it within the length […]

Creative Media Recording in Cypress California

Creative Media Recording in Cypress California.  Audio Recording & Sound Design in Orange County. Tim Keenan has an ear for audio quality and is the 3rd owner of the full-service recording studio of which, he started off as an employee of.  70% of the recording they do is the non-broadcast corporate type projects like eLearning.  […]

Bristol Studios in Boston MA

  This sounds like the beginning of a joke…but it’s not.  So, stay with me. A monk slowly walks along a road when he hears the sound of a galloping horse. He turns around to see a man riding a horse coming his direction. When the man gets closer, the monk asks, “Where are you […]

Elin Barton, White Knight Productions

  Elin Barton, White Knight Productions Today we talk with Elin Barton, the owner of White Knight Productions out of Vestal, New York.  When the business was first conceived, they created high-end video productions for television commercials.  Now, the business has shifted a bit so Elin got creative and invented what she call’s Video Crisps. […]

Pivoting with Skylark Recording

In this episode we talk with Justin Farley, owner of Skylark Recording in Davenport, Ia.  Skylark Recording is a boutique recording studio in Davenport catering towards musicians of all genres.  I sat down with owner, Justin Farley to talk about how he got started & where his business continues to grow. Farley is a super talented […]

One Night in Charlotte

Saturday night my band, Folk n’ Stages (which consists of Jeremy Folk, my cousin Bob Stage and me…thus “Folk n’ Stages”) played at Markham’s Saloon in Charlotte, IA. The bar has only been open a few months…so, it’s got that new bar smell…but man, it’s a great little place!  It’s an old time saloon, complete […]

Cropduster Buzzes “Stage Tower”

The family & I were rockin in the garage this weekend.  My wife & I were painting some boards for our porch wall and the kids were riding bikes & begging the adults to stop being so boring. We had the music cranked, so we weren’t anticipating what came next.  A cropduster buzzed our garage! […]