An Interview with Dave Shropshire Voiceovers

When you want to learn more about the field you want to be in…you have to go ask the people who are currently excelling in that field.  So, when I wanted to know more about voiceovers…I went to Dave Shropshire.

I knew of Dave because he was on a rock station in town who all of a sudden was a TV promo guy on our local Fox station.  I didn’t even know that was possible! To be on radio…AND TV?  That was mind-blowing!

So, naturally when I started to look more seriously into voiceovers I contacted a few people might be able to guide me. One of them was Dave who told me exactly what he says in this interview: Go to Sound Advice in Chicago.  That’s where he went to learn about voiceovers.

He met with them and he treated it like he was a blank slate. “Teach me”, he says. He followed their rules step-by-step and it worked out great for him. He’s had them produce demos, he’s learned the trade secrets and it’s paid off.

Sound Advice Teaches Voiceovers

“Only SOUND ADVICE offers mailing lists of this caliber. Our mailing lists are updated monthly to offer you the greatest opportunity to make yourself known to those most likely to hire you, establish your name and brand identity in this business, and to keep yourself accessible to industry professionals by driving traffic directly to your voice-over demos online.”

Sound Advice

So basically, Sound Advice sells mailing lists for different regions of the country. Then you send your postcard with your logo, link to your website & contact info in hopes that someone picks goes to listen to your stuff and needs your type of voice.

Usually, whether it’s radio spot or TV ad, the last person they hire is a voice over, so being “top of the mind” is key. It’s really kind of a shot in the dark. It’s a numbers game, but as they say, if you don’t play you can’t win. I followed Dave’s advice and went and did some training at sound advice and I learned a great deal.

There’s a handful of voiceover talent in the Quad Cities and every once in a while we get together for lunch. It’s a little “mastermind” group where we can talk about projects we’ve done recently and different tweaks to our business that the others may be interested in implementing.

For me it’s just good motivation. It’s easy to get sunk down into the business, put your nose into the script and do go… but when you hear different ways other people are having success it’s inspiring and motivates you to try a little harder. Whether you’re using their tips or just re-energizing your own systems. Plus, it’s nice to talk to people who are having the same struggles and same successes because not everyone can relate.

However if there’s anyone people can relate to…it’s Shrop.  He was striving for “Down to Earth”, “Warm” & “Folksy”.

He Nailed it!

Here’s my podcast interview with Dave Shropshire…